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Cities are at their least healthy, least diverse and least interesting when they become bourgeois playgrounds.
Lees, L., Slater, T. and Wyley, E., Gentrification (Taylor and Francis Group, New York, 2008) p.275.
The King’s Cross Commissions seek to question the political underpinnings of gentrification. They assert that the ‘otherness’ in gentrification is something that needs to be problematised not assumed. They explore the motivations of gentrifiers and those living on the boundary of the gentrification. How do they share a concern for defining and preserving identity in the modern world?
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The King’s Cross Commissions are a series of films made on the boundary of the gentrification area but away from the developer's manipulating 'line of desire'. They invite you to go down 'lines of digression' to meet the film-makers and see the films they have made to represent living in King's Cross.

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