Commission #3
The third commission is installed on two i-pads inside the cafe of the Somers Town Community Centre. This mockumentary film was created by six young men who live in Somers Town with the help and support of the two community leaders.

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King's Cross Commission #3, film still, 8 mins
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King's Cross Commission #3, film still, 8 mins
A note about all the commissions:
The King’s Cross Commissions seek to question the political underpinnings of gentrification. They assert that the ‘otherness’ in gentrification is something that needs to be problematised not assumed. They explore the motivations of gentrifiers and those living on the boundary of the gentrification. How do they share a concern for defining and preserving identity in the modern world?

All the films were commissioned by Pauline Bickerton, reading Fine Art at Central St Martins Art and Design School. All filmmakers selected were commissioned to self-represent and were selected because they live where the films were made and installed.

All filmmakers were paid and given artistic licence to produce whichever film they felt best depicted their life in the specific area. All were aided by Chris Martin from UCL, an authority in self-representative documentary film.

All films are copyright to the respective filmmakers but are licenced under creative commons attribution- share-alike 3.0. They are not available on-line but require to you to see them in situ.